• Cardiology infirmary with blood vessels Doppler, heart Doppler, pressure Doppler, ECG Doppler, ergometry, with rooms for monitoring the drug effects on patients.
  • Consultant department: dermatological, endocrine, rheumatic, pediatric with hips ultrasound, nephrological, neurological, psychiatric, psychological, dermatological, otorinolaringology, orthopedic ...

Examination by internists and cardiologists:

  • Internist examination
  • Holter (24 hour recording) ECG, blood pressure Holter
  • Echocardiography (heart ultrasound)
  • Ergometry
  • Heart disease programs
  • Blood vessel Doppler
  • Preoperative internist and cardiological examinations
  • Screening examinations for managers
  • Systematic health checks
  • Psychotherapy and third age monitoring
  • Domestic and stationary medical and palliative care in specially equipped apartments with a trained professional team
  • Home visits
  • COMING SOON: accommodation of elderly and infirm and palliative care with complete medical support!